How Does CloudMIXR Handle Cost And Billing

Jin Choi |  August 2021

NS2 created CloudMIXR to fix problems arising due to our rapid growth. As it became more apparent that NS2 was paving a path toward significant growth, we realized that we would be unable to scale headcount in a way that worked with our hyperscale accounts. We wanted to best support our hyperscale accounts, but it did not make sense for us to have multiple members of our team logging into several different hyperscale accounts to organize cost management. So, we created CloudMIXR as an answer to handling cost and billing, cybersecurity, and inventory of multiple hyperscale accounts all in one place. As the MIXR team at NS2 continued to attend networking and tradeshow events with our accounts, we realized there was a legitimate need among other companies like ours for a product like CloudMIXR. Everyone was looking for a product that offered a central hub for viewing their costs– and, more importantly, for identifying potential cost savings.

How CloudMIXR Works For Cost & Billing

In previous blogs, we’ve gone over how CloudMIXR handles cloud security and inventory management. A big draw-in for both aspects is how company users can manage these things from one “command station.” In other words, CloudMIXR clients don’t need multiple personnel handling multiple accounts or aspects of each account– CloudMIXR can do everything many people would do from one convenient, cloud-based system. From a bystander standpoint, systems like this already exist for just inventory and just Cloud security. However, MIXR combines these two elements and adds in the cost management element. CloudMIXR works together with other elements of your organization to predict, track and create an efficiently functioning organization. It allows users to see both their highest daily bills and their net bills, as well as other cost information from across accounts. Moving forward, this allows users to understand precisely how spending is broken down without having multiple users tracking different accounts and different areas of spending. Additionally, CloudMIXR gives you real-time tracking, which allows anyone to see these costs at any time, rather than waiting on the labor of many individual users. Long story short, it answers the question “Where is our money going?” while also tracking important information about cloud security and inventory management.

What Sets CloudMIXR Apart

Many aspects of the CloudMIXR system are revolutionary in their own way, but what really sets CloudMIXR apart from its competitors is the cost and billing portion of the product. We realize that each business aspect MIXR covers is essential to a well-functioning and safe enterprise. However, billing is often what drives every other aspect of business, so billing was a primary focus of CloudMIXR. A few things we can do with CloudMIXR that helps to empower users to manage cost and billing, include: can do with CloudMIXR, which were previously never available to our competitors, include:
  • The ability to track the most significant daily change among each client account
  • Month-to-day changes across all accounts
  • Filter between separate accounts
  • Apply filters to specific periods of time to better understand spending during that period
  • The ability to break down everything by cost services across the Cloud
Achieving these sorts of tasks gives users the ability to save across the Cloud by making incremental changes based on easily accessible feedback. Users can see potential cost and billing fixes in real-time and re-provision priorities and time expenditure to save money and human resources.

Changing The Future Of Cloud Tracking

Business scaling at the rates we see today would have never been possible even a decade ago when cloud technologies were just coming to the forefront of modern business structure. But with the advent of the Cloud, hyperscale accounts became the norm, and those accounts required a modern solution. More enterprise hyperscale account tracking “fixes” might become the norm in the future. When and if that happens, NS2 and CloudMIXR will try and step up to the plate. Contact us for a demo today.


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