NS2 Secure Support
Starts With an Expert Team

  • Everyone on our team must pass an extensive background check.
  • Our support personnel are fully credentialed and certified in high-level cybersecurity.
  • For continuity across your SAP landscape, we provide you a Secure Support Support Advisor as a single point of contact.
  • Our Secure Support staff provide global, secure, remote support — 24/7/365.
  • And we bring more nearly two decades of experience in best practices for SAP solutions and systems administration.

Our Primary Mission: Protect Your Data

We understand that data is the core of your business operations. Whether it’s your information, your customer’s data, your supplier’s data — NS2 can protect it all, because we’re integrated across SAP’s solutions and related infrastructure. NS2 supports all industries too — especially those considered by the Department of Defense as Critical Infrastructure. Some of these include Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Communication, Food and Agriculture, Transportation, and
Communications – to name a few.

Industries We Securely Support:

  • Government
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial Services
  • Defense
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

Security and Compliance Regulations

We have in-depth knowledge of compliance requirements across industries and we excel at helping our customers mitigate cybersecurity exposure. NS2 safeguards our customers with:

  • An isolated and air-gapped infrastructure to protect confidential and classified information.
  • Secure connections and credentialed resources customized to meet your most stringent needs.
  • Specialized handling of sensitive data and support message filtering to limit exposure to threats.
  • Restricted and secure areas for viewing customer information.
  • Technology control plans from a secure and cleared U.S.-based NS2 facility, customized for remote access.
  • Support for multiple levels of security access to information and data facilities, with security-enhanced versions of SAP software.
  • And ongoing certifications, software, compliance and technology updates for optimal deployment.

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We’re committed to securing your data, from intellectual property and trade secrets to
software architecture and personal identifying information.

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