Our Mission at SAP NS2

We crush complex problems. We obsess over security. We make a difference.

SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2), is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAP, and was founded with the mission of security in mind.

SAP spends $3.5 billion annually in Research and Development (R&D), which allows SAP NS2 to bring tremendous technology and innovation to our customers across government and regulated industries. SAP NS2 is 100% U.S. based and U.S. staffed, with expert personnel working around the clock to keep data safe and solutions running.

At SAP NS2, we bring the leading analytics insight and data fusion technologies from SAP and apply them to mission critical workloads. We believe that innovation and security should go hand in hand. Through the incorporation of the Intelligent Enterprise, we leverage emerging technologies to enable customers to focus on high value outcomes.

Powering a Transformation

The mission of keeping American lives safe is ever-evolving and increasingly complex. Today, the game has changed. Connectivity has ushered in an explosion of open source data, and access to mobile devices has transformed our tradecraft. Data explosion and open source data have created a new playing field, with a new set of rules. Massive volumes of data from human intelligence and ISR must be fused in near real time. It’s an overwhelming task, but critical to staying one step ahead of the adversary.

Giving Back

At NS2, we don’t think of Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategy or an office. It’s an ethos, a mindset, and a business responsibility. We believe that leaders who prioritize CSR will drive positive change in their communities and our company.

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