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Suzanne Bartley |  November 2022

While some may no longer consider the cloud a new concept, there are still plenty of regulated industries who question how to begin their journey to a secure cloud. Regulated industries still operate with on-premise infrastructure for various reasons. Shifting from on-premise to the cloud can be costly, time consuming, confusing, and require many resources. Finding the right cloud solution provider? It’s no easy feat.

The cloud is supposed to offer innovation and streamline work processes, but with the wrong providers, it hinders productivity and success. When juggling multiple cloud service and technology providers, customers can be burdened with the management of:

  • Multiple points of contact
  • Differing operating systems
  • Differing security compliance standards
  • Inconsistent application and upgrade management
  • Solutions incapable of integrating
  • Limited scalability
  • Limited line of business solutions

This means customers are forced to devote time and resources into managing the needs of each cloud product. Today, our customers are on the hunt for a provider that can offer an all-encompassing support model and a holistic secure cloud adoption strategy. And that’s what we’re here for.

A Single Cloud Provider = A Single Source of Truth

SAP NS2 has developed a secure, subscription-based cloud adoption model that takes away the complexities and stress of navigating to the cloud. Customer success is our priority, and that’s why we address each aspect of cloud readiness – this ranges from deployment, cloud security, application and upgrade management, scalability, ongoing support, and more. Our all-encompassing support model means that we are the sole point-of-contact for every single customer need.

From onboarding to deployment, we take care of it all. Our organization is comprised of the following teams to foster your success in the cloud:

Build and Engineering
Devoted to: Staging and engineering SAP solutions to make them available in the SAP NS2 secure cloud environment
Cloud Security
Devoted to: Ensuring our secure cloud environments adhere to industry requirements such as ITAR, FedRAMP® and NIST 800-53
Product Management
Devoted to: Aligning with SAP to understand product functionality and ensure our regulated customers can leverage SAP’s commercial innovation 
Customer Success
Devoted to: Enabling customers to focus on their internal mission with the innovation of SAP solutions and enhanced SAP NS2 security

Focus on Your Mission – We’ll Focus on Your Cloud Functionality

Through deep industry knowledge, each of our teams devote their efforts to ensuring SAP cloud solutions are deployed in a manner that allows customers to innovate securely. The combination of SAP technology, specialized industry and security experts, and government-attested cloud solutions position us as a reliable, trusted secure cloud provider.

Our support is ongoing, and our teams are constantly working to provide updates to security, application functionality, and more — for the lifetime of our customers’ cloud journey. A secure cloud has many moving parts, but SAP NS2 streamlines and simplifies the process. We know firsthand the value SAP cloud solutions can bring to our customers, and SAP NS2 is built to ensure their digital transformation is seamless so they can focus on what’s important – their mission.


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