SAP NS2 CloudMIXR: Cost, Resource, and Compliance in a regulated, multi-cloud environment

Brian Paget |  July 2021

Moving to the cloud, already there, or somewhere in between? We’ve been there, done that, and built a tool to help us and you too.

SAP NS2 CloudMIXR: Cost, Resource, and Compliance in a regulated, multi-cloud environment

As cloud deployments in the private and public sectors grow in both size and complexity, it’s become increasingly difficult to manage costs, optimize resources, and ensure compliance of software you are deploying in the cloud. Fortunately, we’ve been there and done that. At SAP NS2 we build, deploy, and operate compliance software across clouds for agencies to consume. We had to learn the hard way how to manage the complexity of operating efficiency and security in this environment.

We started with lots of spreadsheets, hired a bunch of consultants, and in the end ended up building our own tool. NS2 CloudMIXR is a fully capable cloud security posture management (CSPM) solution to give organizations constant visibility into cloud spend, compliance, and security across their multi-cloud environment. This visibility has become essential for government and highly regulated industries because public cloud infrastructure is constantly changing. Modern CSPM platforms, like SAP NS2’s CloudMIXR, monitor and control multi-hyperscale deployments—no matter how big or complex a cloud landscape may be.

The Government Cloud Landscape Today

While advancements in the cloud have expanded government capabilities, these same improvements have brought with them critical infrastructure weaknesses, cloud sprawl, misconfiguration risks, and compliance complexity. Assessing regulatory compliance, managing vulnerability assessments, and controlling costs in multi-cloud environments has become more challenging than ever. Due to the difficulty in determining overall threats, agencies are moving to put compliance standards, rules, and regulations in place to guard against them. And yet, while the intention of these policies is to reduce risk, the amount of effort involved in managing compliance across multiple cloud environments and platforms has become complex, overwhelming, and costly, taking focus away from the overall mission.

The Move to Cloud Security Posture Management

Cybersecurity solutions continuously evolve to solve new threats. In 2015, the first generation of cloud infrastructure monitoring products emerged and were categorized as Cloud Infrastructure Security Posture Assessment (CISPA). This first wave of products met the market need for multi-cloud visibility but introduced alert fatigue, complex user interfaces, and product rigidity. Today’s modern CSPM products address these issues by offering:

  • Optimized remediation and configurable auto-remediation to reduce alert fatigue
  • Custom policy and rules engine to implement security strategy across a multi-cloud environment
  • Embedded security into DevOps cycle for proactive security

A Breakthrough Solution for Government

While there are other CSPM solutions in the market we have built CloudMIXR to run and operate in government clouds first and build and maintain our roadmap to meet those ever changing needs. With CloudMIXR we are a CSPM solution provider but also a proprietor of the technology, which helps us to shape the future of a product we can all benefit from. CloudMIXR is a CSPM solution that empowers you to monitor every aspect of your multi-cloud environment by providing digestible insights into your rapidly changing, multi-cloud environment. CloudMIXR complies with mandated regulatory standards across complex cloud environments as a single intuitive platform to ensure patches and configurations are up-to-date. Agencies can then better mediate configuration drifts, detect anomalies, and receive robust alerts informing the team of significant account risks, costs, and performance changes. CloudMIXR does all of this while monitoring the cloud ecosystems to optimize cloud spend.

The Benefits of monitoring your multi-cloud environment with NS2’s CloudMIXR

CloudMIXR’s unique platform enhances multi-hyperscaler deployments and provides better insights and visibility into security, regulatory compliance, and cloud spend monitoring. In particular, three benefits you’ll immediately gain with CloudMIXR include:

1. Increased visibility into security

CloudMIXR continuously analyzes configuration and security information within your cloud deployments, giving you peace of mind knowing that your environment is secure and your configuration is up-to-date.

2. Monitoring and managed compliance

CloudMIXR offers a variety of templates and controls that support agencies in maintaining compliance and security requirements in the cloud. These compliance programs include GDPR, HIPAA, NERC, ISO 27001-2013, NIST, PCI-DSS 3.2, and SOC2.

3. Decreased cloud spend

CloudMIXR collects account cost information to visualize and compare it with resource use, allowing you to monitor your cloud-spend based on the types of resources used within multi-cloud environments.

Learn more about the power of CSPM

NS2’s newest solution, CloudMIXR, is a modern CSPM platform that tracks and manages your cloud spend, finds opportunities to cut expenses, and auto-scans your cloud continuously, fixing security gaps in real-time. As a single, intuitive platform, CloudMIXR can also monitor every aspect of your organization’s multi-cloud environment in one place—and stay compliant with ease. Are you interested in finding out how CloudMIXR can secure, monitor, and streamline your agency’s cloud deployment? Contact us today to learn more and schedule your demo.


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