Driven to Defend

At SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®), we do one thing: support the mission of national security. Our technology delivers precision outcomes at mission speed. Our team is trusted at the highest echelons of government. We are the people you call when failure is not an option.

Driving Innovation
in National Security

Today, it’s not as simple as one nation-state against another. Asymmetric and unconventional tactics threaten critical infrastructure, business data, and U.S. citizens’ lives. At SAP NS2, we are driven to defend against these threats. SAP NS2 is the independent U.S.-based arm of SAP®, a global leader in enterprise software. We provide best-in-breed commercial technology, delivered by U.S. citizens, on U.S. soil, with credentials representing the highest levels of trust. We don’t compromise, so you won’t have to.

Mission Areas

Leaders need to make sense of massive quantities of data, in real time. SAP NS2 makes this possible from the front lines to the back office.
Here are a few key areas where we help clients get results.

Advancing Intelligence Tradecraft

We’re pioneering new solutions that enable our clients to accelerate and improve data collection, analysis, and decision making. Learn more.

Defending Critical Networks

The battlefield is now digital, and risks are greater than ever. We employ analytics to detect network anomalies to fight against cyber threats. Learn more.

Fusing Ops Intelligence

Operators on the edge need complete situational awareness. We integrate ISR and command into a unified, precise, and streamlined force. Learn more.

Tracking the Digital Trail

Everyone leaves a massive digital footprint. SAP NS2 employs innovative solutions for more effective pattern-of-life analysis. Learn more.

SAP HANA® Key Metrics

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Join the SAP NS2 Team

It takes a special kind of person to go above and beyond every day. It takes a person of integrity, a proven expert to support missions of national and global importance. Are you that person? We’d like to speak with you.