How Does CloudMIXR Handle All Aspects Of Compliance?

Bryce Petty |  July 2021

SAP-NS2’s CloudMIXR: Advanced Cloud Compliance Platform

As technology continues to evolve, more enterprises will shift their workforce to scalable, cloud-based platforms. As a result, cloud merging platforms—like those offered by NS2—will prove an ally when it comes to businesses actively monitoring their security risks. A frequent worry which arises among businesses initially incorporating cloud solutions into their frameworks is information stored in the Cloud will be less secure than information stored on a domestic server.

Cloud compliance has been the answer to addressing these legitimate concerns and has been one of the primary focuses of NS2’s CloudMIXR platform.

The motivation behind the creation of CloudMIXR was to streamline cloud-based workforces through compliance, cost and billing solutions, and inventory management. NS2 created CloudMIXR as a solution to having one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the United States. NS2’s cloud infrastructure team realized that their problems were not unique to their company, despite its size. CloudMIXR enhances compliance, billing capabilities, and inventory management for all enterprises, and our goal is to improve these areas within each of our clients’ businesses.

About Cloud Compliance

Compliance has been a cornerstone of good business practices. Banks have privacy and security systems in place to protect their customers, just as healthcare systems must work within the framework of HIPAA. Even state governments have compliance requirements designed to protect their constituents, such as California’s strict data privacy laws. Cloud compliance addresses the more significant concerns of everyone who is connected to the Cloud.

In essence, cloud compliance refers to the principles of security, privacy, and general well-being that Cloud providers must consider when building solutions. Cloud compliance must address these concerns and create a solution for them. What CloudMIXR does differently is addressing security concerns and budget concerns in active time.

What Is CloudMIXR?

NS2’s answer to cloud compliance is incorporated into CloudMIXR.

The CloudMIXR analytics framework is designed to actively monitor multi-cloud environments to help individuals monitor potential threats. CloudMIXR includes vulnerability monitoring, Cloud security, and compliance enforcement.

Because CloudMIXR seamlessly integrates with existing cloud environments (such as AWS, and Azure), it can adapt to your company’s existing compliance protocols. The platform is designed with enterprise individuals and stakeholders in mind, emphasizing UX and control over the Cloud platform. Its ease of use was designed to allow anyone to pick up on Cloud risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in active time.

But what CloudMIXR does differently than other cloud monitoring and analytics frameworks is: it filters unparalleled discovery. CloudMIXR can accurately separate what it is monitoring into cohesive graphs and datasets, allowing users to see where they can more efficiently spend time and resources. This is especially helpful when it comes to cost and billing, so an enterprise can actively monitor spending, and make changes based on the newfound insight.

NS2’s Commitment To Cloud Compliance

CloudMIXR comes standard with several compliance templates and rulesets. This allows users to better manage their company’s Cloud compliance requirements. The CloudMIXR compliance rulesets are designed further to expedite the identification of threats and reduce security breaches. Included in the base rulesets (among others) are:

  • FedRAMP® Moderate Compliance Pack
  • NIST 800-53 Compliance Pack
  • NIST 800-171 Compliance Pack
  • SOC2 Compliance Pack

CloudMIXR includes many other compliance packs and new ones are always under development. Compliance will become a hotter topic as technology evolves. However, compliance is just one of the key cloud management areas CloudMIXR handles. NS2 has built in other features to improve security and cloud management to bring our customers the best cloud capabilities.
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