Looking for Volume Analytics? You’re in the right place.
Volume Analytics has grown to do even more.  And, it has a new name: DataCTRL.

Secure, Scalable, and Flexible: Providing a Trusted and Authoritative View of Your Enterprise Data

DataCTRL is a dynamic data catalog and metadata management framework that scales to the speed of today’s complex data landscapes. DataCTRL continually tracks, ingests, transforms, archives, and provides native policy enforcement to securely expose content to users of all skill levels.


DataCTRL is a best-of-breed data catalog, providing a data-ops framework to efficiently deliver the right data at the right time to support your applications, machine learning, and analytical workflows.

Mission Speed

DataCTRL is designed to operate at the speed of the world’s fastest-growing and dense datasets, with internet-scale streaming tasks from databases, IoT devices, data warehouses, and everything in between. Leveraging elastic, fault-tolerant, and persistent data flows drastically decreases the time from sensor to discovery.

Agile Flexibility

DataCTRL informs data-ops professionals with powerful visualizations, allowing real-time data-flow alterations. This flexibility provides the ability to dynamically pivot data flows along the way, intelligently accelerating conceptual prototypes to production data feeds.

Managing the Volume, Velocity, and Variability of Data

Agencies have access to all kinds of critical data to support their missions, but they’re challenged to realize their full and timely value as they come in from different sources, on disparate systems at web scale. A cloud-based flexible development platform with automated data flows may be the solution to accelerate insight more effectively and efficiently.

Managing and Cataloging a Seamless Data Experience Across Your Enterprise — Securely

  • Data Inventory – DataCTRL provides inventory of your continuous datasets and ad hoc collections of file deliveries.
  • Simplify Data Cross Your Organization – Add and consume new data sources easily, rapidly, and effectively, providing a single comprehensive view of your enterprise data.
  • Data Secured – Granular access controls protect data without preventing authorized users from discovering new data. Get what you need, and obscure data from users lacking credentials to data sources.
  • Data Lineage – Provide lineage between highly processed data and the original source files used to populate your data stores. Posture your data for end user–specific workflows by conditioning it appropriately for user-specific interactions.

The Benefits of DataCTRL

  • Data Scientists – Leverage analytics at scale. Utilize the DataCTRL virtual notebook to model and interact with your data. Find the non-obvious trends and relationships hidden within your data landscape.
  • Developers – Save time and handle your data chaos at the speed of mission. Your days wasting time utilizing tedious and manual data management pipelines are over; spend your time delivering content to those who need it.
  • Analysts – Dive into your data sources, search them, graph them, and flex your data—the most powerful asset in your enterprise.

Deployment Options

DataCTRL provides various deployment options


DataCTRL can help you modernize your enterprise and provide cloud-native capabilities to your data cataloging and data management practice. DataCTRL is currently available in the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) through the IC’s Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) contract.

Hybrid / On-Premise

DataCTRL provides tuned and optimized options to run on-premises or as part of your hybrid cloud strategy.

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