How Does CloudMIXR Handle Inventory and Utilization?

Gordon Douglass |  July 2021

Over the past decade, cloud computing has grown exponentially, which has led to an increase in what business enterprises store on their cloud platforms. Everything from user information to core business information gets stored on a centralized platform. Of course, this has its ups and downs.

Cloud computing has made a lot of business processes much more manageable. Enterprises can now operate from anywhere in the world. Scaling is that much less complicated. It’s led to increased customer satisfaction in many aspects. However, it has also posed several challenges.

CloudMIXR by NS2 sought to alleviate the most significant pain points associated with cloud security and posture management. One of the biggest challenges? Inventory and utilization within the cloud platform.


Identifying Cost Management & Inventory Problems

Increased cloud usage has made tracking infrastructure users, tools, and software used across a system much more difficult in many aspects. This is especially true of large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of users, applications, and locations.

CloudMIXR allows users to dive into inventory management among the enterprise and identify how a business is using its money and equipment across the board. CloudMIXR’s ability to do this sets it apart from its competitors while serving a larger purpose.

Inventory management allows a company to keep tabs on its infrastructure users and assetsinventory, impacting scalability, cost, and cybersecurity. It gives enterprises an understanding of their equipment, what it does, and any potential vulnerabilities which may impact the company on a large scale. The ability to do this across cloud providers and accounts all from one “command center” is a significant advantage to using CloudMIXR. There is not a tool like it on the market.


Breaking Down What CloudMIXR Does For Inventory

At its core, CloudMIXR is a service based around enterprise safety, effectiveness, and security.

As part of the hivemind behind CloudMIXR, I understand that the nature of security is multifaceted. It means more than just encouraging users to update their passwords and keep an eye on their accounts individually. CloudMIXR helps companies understand exactly what tools and software are deployed where and in what amounts. It breaks down regions and resource types and allows users to obtain details about their business assets. This not only helps businesses manage their security, but it also helps them manage their cost and eliminate cost waste. Finally, it helps companies manage individual business assets that much more efficiently.

I have seen this in action within NS2. As the senior director of Cloud Asset Management, there’s not a week that doesn’t go by where I’m either asked for an inventory of what we or one of our customers are running in some of our accounts. I’ll get questions like, “Hey, what’s our overall spend right now?” “How much did we spend on storage?” or “How much have we spent historically on that kind of stuff?”

In the past, it would take a team of people working (sometimes for hours) to discern that type of information. With CloudMIXR, it takes minutes — and it’s all done from one space for one or many cloud providers.

Doing all this from a centralized tool is groundbreaking, time-saving, and revolutionary. Manual access of this information in the past took three to four times the amount of time it takes CloudMIXR to complete.

This will become increasingly important in the future. Cloud computing is still in its infancy, and we will need more tools like this to save time in the vast potential of the Cloud.


Inventory, Utilization, and More

Even if CloudMIXR were used solely for inventory and utilization, customers would be hard-pressed to find something like it on the market. However, CloudMIXR also handles compliance, as well as cost & billing.

In our next blog, we’ll be discussing the cost-saving and organizational potential of CloudMIXR in a large, widespread enterprise.

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Gordon Douglass

Gordon Douglass

Senior Director, Cloud Asset Management


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