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SAP Analytics for Cloud through SAP NS2: Turn Your Data into Secure Actionable Intelligence with SAC SAP

With the right analytics, you can make better decisions faster. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) through SAP NS2 enables you to explore data across your entire organization and gain real-time insights at the point of decision.

When you acquire SAP Analytics Cloud through SAP NS2, you can rest assured you’re getting a cloud solution provider who can balance security with innovation. We ensure:

  • Compliance with local mandates and regulations
  • A consistent security model and innovative analytic tooling
  • Access to dedicated local, credentialed SAP NS2 resources

Through our data access, residency, and sovereignty strategies, you can analyze data with confidence knowing that your enterprise is secured and protected.

Download our solution brief to learn how SAP NS2 can help you report, predict, and plan using one high-performance, in-memory system and a single user experience.

About SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a single solution for business intelligence (BI), augmented and predictive analytics, and enterprise planning with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. And it’s not just for business—leaders in highly regulated industries are using SAC to turn data into intelligence and improve outcomes, without compromising on security.


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