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SAP® Business Network through SAP NS2: Securing Your Supply Chain Processes in the Cloud

Highly regulated industries purchase and manufacture goods related to national security across a wide network of contractors and suppliers. To ensure secure operations, they must be equipped with procurement and supply chain solutions across their extended enterprise.

At SAP NS2, we recognize that leaders in the regulated space (regulated industries, government, and defense departments) have unique security and compliance needs. We also recognize your need to adopt market-leading innovation quickly and without friction.

The SAP Business Network solution deployed through SAP NS2 combines supply chain management with extensive practices dedicated to data access, residency, and sovereignty. We provide:

  • In-country deployment and advanced security measures that allow you to: connect with suppliers, protect mission-critical data – such as supplier organization and bill-of-materials details, and mitigate exposure and risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership and increased time to value through automated solution deployment and security management
  • Your regional security and compliance standards, such as ITAR, enforced across your supplier network

About SAP® Business Network deployed through SAP NS2

The SAP Business Network solution is a network platform that empowers you to collaborate and automate procurement transactions, improve demand & inventory visibility, enhance quality control, and streamline purchase order transaction management.

Our delivery brings extended value in how SAP Business Network is secured. It provides the benefits and commercial functionality of SAP’s business network software within the SAP NS2 U.S.-based, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant, Software as a Service (SaaS) environment.


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