SAP Analytics Cloud Now FedRAMP® Approved

Penny Klein |  August 2020

The wealth of government and intelligence data is far more valuable when integrated with powerful analytics tools, but in addition government agencies need a simple but secure way to access this data and make informed decisions. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) integrates and analyzes data from multiple sources to provide government departments and agencies unified insights, visualizations, plans, and predictions. These powerful analytics capabilities are now available as part of the secure and growing FedRAMP®-authorized portfolio of government cloud capabilities designed and supported by SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2).

Powerful, unified analytics

Data and analytics are most effective when available in a unified solution, enabling easier comparisons, more effective insights, and faster responses. SAC combines a wide array of features into a single, scalable, secure cloud-based solution. Business Intelligence, predictive analytics, and organizational planning enable government agencies to explore data from multiple sources to quickly visualize relationships and potential outcomes. With the embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, customers can discover, analyze, predict, and plan in one integrated experience.

Secure, FedRAMP® cloud portfolio

SAC is just one part of the FedRAMP portfolio of cloud capabilities from SAP NS2 that are specifically designed to fit the unique security requirements of US government agencies. Cloud services operate from DoD compliant facilities, managed 100% by background-checked U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. In addition to analytics, SAP NS2 Cloud Intelligent Enterprise includes applications and tools for HR and people management, enhanced payroll and time-management processing, and other operational transactions. SuccessFactors is SAP’s HR and people management Software-as-a-Service that helps government agencies optimize talent management to build and deliver mission-critical edge performance. Employee Central Payroll, integrated with the core HR software, removes the distraction of worrying about pay and timekeeping with enhanced process automation, ensuring that payroll is accurate, fast, and compliant. All SAP applications offer a consistent and intuitive user interface and are ready for integration into existing and legacy systems.

Benefits of FedRAMP®

The U.S. Government’s FedRAMP Program Management Office and Joint Authorization Board are responsible for developing and implementing a standardized approach to cloud security assessment and authority to operate. With their “do once, use many times” framework, the group is helping all government agencies save time and money when migrating to cloud

products and services. FedRAMP approval provides a clear indication of the security posture and operational competence of a cloud service provider’s infrastructure and applications. Dozens of federal departments and agencies, plus other levels of government, are using SAP NS2 Cloud solutions for their strategic, tactical, or operational activities. By taking on a central role, FedRAMP removes the need for repeated security assessments, and also provides ongoing monitoring of approved services.

Intelligence and analytics have a clear future in the clouds

Modern analytics, intelligence, and national security operations rely on enormous volumes of data and quick access to massive computing power. Cloud services are making these seemingly overwhelming tasks achievable with the technology that powers the world’s largest enterprises. Mission-critical government workloads powered by secure cloud services are already producing more informed decisions and faster reactions. SAP NS2 is focused on providing the best possible support for this assignment, combining leading data analytics and fusion technologies from SAP with 100% U.S.-based operations and expert U.S. personnel.

For information on the secure and scalable capabilities of SAP NS2 Cloud Intelligent Enterprise, go to

Check out NS2’s press release and SAP’s blog for more information.


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