You Are Key to Proactive Cybersecurity

SAP NS2 |  October 2019

We see it all too often – agencies simply aren’t equipped to respond to cybersecurity attacks. Budget cuts, aging legacy infrastructure, complex data silos, and evolving threats make preparation difficult. Businesses (and consumers) can’t just be aware of their digital profiles; they need to actively secure and maintain them.

Be proactive – don’t wait until you’ve discovered a breach to act.

Cybersecurity isn’t just for IT teams; employees at all levels must be vigilant and take accountability. Each October, businesses and the government work together to highlight the important of cybersecurity for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM).  The smallest changes can help protect your personal and professional data while decreasing risks.

Going Beyond the Basics

Taking basic actions such as keeping your anti-virus software up to date and watching out for phishing attempts is helpful, but there are other things to consider for those responsible for protecting networks and employees.

Below are top-level tips for security professionals:

  • Set up global rules for instant removal of malicious messages from users inboxes
  • To fight back new malware variants such as encryption and polymorphing, leverage AI solutions to for in-memory threat detection
  • Fine tune behavior-analysis tools to set a solid baseline so you can maximize protection of your network environment

Taking Cybersecurity to the Next Level

Using a platform like CounterTack can make all the difference. The CounterTack Platform by GoSecure uses full-stack detection technology and predictive analysis to discover in-memory endpoint detection in real-time. Their unique platform uses a behavioral-based approach to detect any threats almost immediately, protecting users and reducing the time between breaches and detection. Mitigate attacks immediately with more accurate alerts and fewer false positives. If there’s been a conviction, the solution automatically explains why. CounterTack can also identify the newest threats – even ones that don’t exist yet.

Customize CounterTack to fit your needs – the platform analyzes over 100 different behavior types and is compliant with almost all major operating systems. CounterTack is scalable and easy to deploy and is currently available through the SAP NS2 Cloud.

If you’re interested in learning what sets CounterTack apart or how it can protect your organization, register for NS2 NOW or contact us.


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