Narrow the Technical Divide Between Commercial and Federal

SAP NS2 |  February 2020

Government and the private sector are allies, but you might not know it from observing technology acquisitions. Every day, agencies try to stay connected with commercial businesses despite using aging, old-fashioned tools. Over time, the closeness between both sides will shrink unless the public sector learns from its commercial partners.

Unfortunately, numerous burdens weigh down agencies’ efforts to match their private-sector peers. Many agencies have tight budgets and inefficient procurement processes that are often not conducive to rapid changes in technology. Meanwhile, the cybersecurity threats endangering federal IT change quickly. Public servants are struggling to adjust their workflows when the tools they use slowly evolve.

These pressures are preventing agencies from keeping pace with private-sector businesses. Collectively, these burdens are widening the divide between the public and private sectors across multiple areas, including data, cloud computing, cybersecurity and IT infrastructure. As problems such as evolving cybersecurity risks fester, it becomes harder for agencies to serve citizens and accomplish their missions effectively.

Cloud computing can help. By adopting cloud, agencies modernize both IT and operations. Cloud also enables advanced analytics, which helps agencies understand their data and make smarter decisions in real time. In addition, cloud enables innovation in areas such as security. For instance, cloud can serve as a platform for automated cybersecurity patching, which rapidly corrects any flaws in an agency’s software coding.

Narrowing the divide between federal and commercial technology is difficult, but not impossible. Strategic use of cloud can help agencies implement new tools and use their data for innovation.

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