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SAP NS2 |  June 2021

It is not a surprise that studying now requires a lot of writing to be completed. It is a way to check your knowledge and skills, even though many people believe that such type of task is not essential. We do not have one certain opinion on that topic, but we still understand its influence on the average grade of your papers.

And to help you slightly or significantly reduce your time completing papers, we found a great paper writer website called PaperTyper. In this article, we are going to show our results of testing this website and its tools.

What Is PaperTyper?

When we decided to learn more about the website, we opened the “About” tab. Here, we wanted to find information about the people who created this platform.

The website was created by Juli Sheller. She is a software developer, and the main idea for the creation of the website came from her own experience.

We got additional insurance that services will be good. In fact, we saw the person who is responsible for all the essential points of the website.

But now that we know about the creator of the website, we decided to take a closer look at all the tools’ features here.

Main Writing Solutions

The website is focused on writing. However, all the tools here are constantly improved, which significantly reduces the time you have to wait to get your paper. Moreover, some tools allow you to get professional samples for your papers.

Essay Typer

Essay Typer is the main tool, which is available from the very beginning of the website. To use this tool, you do not even need to register on the platform. You can start using the basic version of it immediately.

The tool quickly analyzes the provided topic and gives you a completed essay. Simple and convenient.

This tool also has an upgraded version too. There are two ways to start using it:

  • If there is no solution in a basic version, you will be offered to try the upgraded one;
  • If you are registered on a platform, you can access the improved version immediately.

The upgraded version is much better and gives you more options to implement AI in your writing.

  • The paper is written in fragments, 100 words each click.
  • You can edit the text at the moment it is generating;
  • In fact, the first essay you will generate is free because you get 500 free words in the generator.

The targeted audience highly appreciates this tool. You can find a lot of reviews of it. But there are other tools for editing your paper.

Editing solutions for your writing

If you would like to improve your papers with great tools, you can try Grammar and Plagiarism Checkers and Citation Generator. These tools use extensive bases to analyze and edit your papers.

  • Grammar Checker. It is an excellent opportunity to improve all the crucial nuances of your paper. If you paste the paper into this tool, you will see all the possible improvements. But, if you disagree with the provided tips, you can just ignore them. Keep in mind that this tool is based on legit essay writing standards and knows exactly what your paper needs to be better.
  • Citation Generator. This tool will help you with the most exhausting part of formatting your paper. MLA, APA, and Harvard styles of formatting are available here. All you need to do is to enter a citation and choose the required style. Also, you should provide the link to the source where you have taken the quote from. And after that, the website will give you a properly formatted quote.
  • Plagiarism Checker. This tool gives you a full image of the uniqueness of your paper. There is nothing to add here. This tool shows the weakest points and suggests you make them unique. If you have too many quotes, the tool will show it.

These tools are brilliant. But do not forget that this website also gives you an option to just order a paper from a writer.

Knowledge Bank: Main Advantages

If you want to learn more about academic writing and are focused on making your papers successful, then Knowledge Bank is the thing you need. The main advantages of it are the following:

  • It is a huge base of articles. Here, users can find a lot of information about all aspects of writing. It covers writing, editing and citing.
  • All articles were completed by professional writers who spent years developing their skills. They have a lot of connections in the academic sector and know everything about modern writing trends and features. And if you read Knowledge Bank, you will notice that.

Knowledge Bank can be useful for newbies in essay writing but also for experienced writers.

Why Should You Try This Paper Helper Service?

If you are interested in making nice and qualitative academic papers or just want to get nice assistance with your writing, then this website is your main helper.

We tested all features here, so you can be sure that this platform is legit, safe, and efficient. So, try making your studying routine easier and try PaperTyper.


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