Announcement: SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2®) Completes the CCCS Assessment for SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) to Include Protected B Data

Penny Klein |  November 2022

The Good News Up Front

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS) has assessed SAP’s S/4HANA, Private Cloud Edition (PCE) managed by SAP NS2 against the Government of Canada’s PBMM security control profile for cloud services. PBMM, which stands for “Protected B Confidentiality, Medium Integrity, Medium Availability,” means organizations can now leverage the power of S/4HANA PCE for better decision making and more effective collaboration, even when the data at hand is classified as Protected B. The assessment represents a significant milestone in SAP NS2’s ability to serve government and regulated customers in Canada.


What is Protected B?

The Government of Canada (GC) Protected B security level for sensitive government information and assets applies to information or assets that, if compromised, could cause serious injury to an individual, organization, or government. The assessment is conducted by CCCS, Canada’s authoritative source of cyber security expert guidance for Canadian government, industry, and the general public.

Why Does it Matter?

With this CCCS assessment, we are meeting Canadian-specific requirements that protect sensitive government information and assets. This is good news for our customers in government and regulated industries because it will move them forward on their journey to adopt SAP technologies into their highly secure environments. SAP’s S/4HANA PCE delivers value to these organizations and the citizens they serve with an intuitive user experience and enhanced security.

What can SAP S/4HANA PCE do for me?

SAP S/4HANA PCE is an enterprise resource planning cloud solution that helps our customers become intelligent enterprises and continuously adopt new business processes and innovations. S/4HANA PCE has built-in technologies, such as including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics, which allow you to create a customized solution that supports your operations. This offering provides a path for an accelerated, integrated, and tailored cloud transformation with a priority on safeguarding your critical applications and data.

A Final Word

At SAP NS2, we are committed to our public sector customers’ security compliance needs and are excited to announce SAP’s S/4HANA, Private Cloud Edition (PCE) managed by SAP NS2 has completed the CCCS assessment for SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) to include Protected B data. We are looking forward to supporting Canada’s public sector customers securely and reliably.

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Penny Klein

Penny Klein

Sr. Director, Enterprise Security Compliance, SAP NS2


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