SAP NS2 and Bristlecone Come Together for Integrated Business Planning

Naveen Agarwal |  June 2020

A cloud-based supply chain solution that meets ITAR requirements

SAP NS2 and Bristlecone have partnered to provide supply chain process optimization for customers in the commercial-regulated industry sector.

Through this partnership, industry customers will have access to supply chain advisory services, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Implementation services, integration services, and accelerated implementation methodologies.

By leveraging these solutions, companies can expect to see the following:

  • Increase in the visibility and accuracy of the supply chain planning processes for improved decision-making and better end-to-end performance
  • Continuous Alignment by bringing all stakeholders with their business drivers on one page by tracking all assumptions and improve business outcomes
  • Full end-to-end visibility of your internal and external supply chain incl. inventories, production, transportation, risk elements
  • Plan Demand and optimize resources across the supply chain network. Respond to exceptions and evaluate options
  • Cost savings across the lifecycle
  • Ability to meet or exceed mission readiness and performance requirements

Companies need a solution to execute enterprise-level strategies to effectively meet the ever-changing mission demands on their supply chain.

SAP’s Supply chain solutions are uniquely positioned to help companies achieve a much higher degree of business performance by digitally linking strategic and operational supply chain planning with real-time visibility, response and execution.

The goal of the SAP NS2 and Bristlecone partnership is to equip customers with accelerated solutions.

The SAP NS2 IBP solution meets the compliance requirements for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  Companies can be confident their data remains in the US and supported by US persons.

​This partnership furthers the collaboration across SAP NS2, SAP, and Bristlecone to deliver customer value leveraging IBP solution coupled with two decades of expertise and experience in supply chain domain.

Learn more about what end-to-end visibility could mean for your agency’s supply chain: 


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