Making Cloud Computing Work for Your Agency

Bobby Hodges |  May 2020

It’s no secret that cloud computing can radically change the IT infrastructure of government organizations.

It delivers consistent performance and the ability to monitor and manage resources at any time for mission-critical workloads. Cloud computing also helps agencies by having a dramatic increase in operational efficiency, performance, and security. What is missing from most cloud commodity providers is the ability to deliver Application Service Level Agreements as part of their cloud contracts.

Choosing a cloud provider who can offer a guaranteed up-time gives you the ability to have a clear understanding and vision of what to expect in terms of service and performance from your provider.

Taking on the cloud alone

So, do you go at it alone? You can, but from what I have seen, organizations using more traditional implementation methods have limited visibility and understanding into the vast number of operational tasks that keep you up and running.

A lot can go wrong if components like the operating system, database provisioning, firewalls, or networking/bandwidth delivery are executed incorrectly. Inexperience with cloud commodity providers can also lead to incredibly expensive cloud resources when not managed correctly.

So, the real question becomes: What technology does your organization actually need and who will securely provision these systems? The balance of science and art is what makes the SAP NS2 Cloud such a success.

A path of least resistance for customers

The SAP NS2 Cloud offers customers a single point of contact for all their cloud needs. Combining infrastructure, SAP Applications, and a fully managed cloud delivery team, we can implement even the most complex landscapes in record time.

We take the burden of planning, provisioning, and managing the IT landscape off of our customers. Using SAP best practices, custom built tools for automation, and a team of cleared SAP cloud experts, our customers have peace of mind knowing we are there to help every step of the way, while giving them room to grow and change.

And it comes with an Application Service Level Agreement

In today’s world, there are always new and unanticipated challenges and the world of cloud computing is no different. The only way to consistently overcome these challenges is to create an Application Service Level Agreement (ASLA), guaranteeing that the entire solution stack from networking and infrastructure to the application is securely provisioned.

ASLAs ensure these SAP applications are accessible at a moment’s notice with the data you need to complete your mission. As the only provider of SAP Cloud currently offering ASLAs to the federal government, we are committed to ensuring that the hundreds of tasks you need to be completed are properly implemented and managed by SAP Cloud Experts for the life of the contract, not just the provisioning process.

There has never been a better time to make the move to the cloud for your agency.

If you’d like more information on how SAP NS2 Cloud can help you make a seamless, secure, and scalable transition, visit to learn more.


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