How Effective Communication Strengthens Secure Cloud Solutions

Shannon Drury |  October 2022

It’s no secret that effective communication is an invaluable skill to have. Good communication can improve teamwork, contribute to strong problem solving, and lead to overall organizational success. But what does effective communication have to do with the cloud? Well, cloud solutions need effective communication to accurately exchange information, securely automate processes, and provide transparency across multiple lines of business.

SAP’s Cloud Portfolio: From 1972 to Today

When SAP was founded, our initial success came from enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology. Since then, we have expanded our focus and now provide solutions that address each line of business. Our secure cloud SAP solutions help organizations improve line of business operations through:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): SAP S/4HANA Cloud, HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM): SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), SAP Asset Management (SAM)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM): SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management and Payroll
  • External Workforce Management: SAP Fieldglass
  • Analytics and Innovation: Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Each of these solutions alone have undeniable value, but when they’re siloed and unable to integrate with other applications, their true potential is undiscovered. Continuous communication and integration across a secure cloud landscape is a powerful force multiplier. When cloud solutions are securely integrated, our customers can truly transform their digital operations knowing that their data will flow seamlessly between functions and across lines of business.

Integrations Role at SAP NS2: How We Create a Secure Cloud Deployment Model

At SAP NS2, each cloud offering has engrained integration capabilities to help organizations communicate across their business. At a core level, S/4HANA Cloud stores all the critical organizational data that is integral for day-to-day operations and decision making, but it doesn’t stop there. Highly regulated customers need their ERP solutions to communicate across all lines of business so they can make informed, quick decisions.

For example, a Defense customer can benefit from S/4HANA Cloud’s ability to securely integrate data into their supply chain planning efforts through Integrated Business Planning (IBP). The connection between S/4HANA Cloud and IBP provides insight so organizations can best allocate mission-critical inventory and supplies to their personnel – all in real time and based on past and future trends. The ability for these solutions to securely communicate provides undeniable value to a Defense customer, as forecasting the necessary supplies can strengthen their readiness against threats, maintain confidentiality of the inventory on hand, and protect the livelihood of their employees.

Highly regulated customers can also leverage solutions dedicated to integrating their entire enterprise through: Business Technology Platform (BTP). BTP is the central integration management solution that gives organizations the ability to build out custom platforms that can connect to additional applications.

Each of our offerings share key data models which simplifies integration and enhances the overall user experience. This ability to connect multiple solutions gives organizations the power to streamline and connect their operations.

Integration and Security: How SAP NS2 Creates Synergy Between the Two

Our solutions do more than just effectively communication with one another. They also adhere to the security levels required by highly regulated industries, such as ITAR, FedRAMP®, and NIST 800-53, which accelerates innovation and amplifies protection. Our secure cloud offering is integrated through a standardized security practice that continuously monitors and protects a customer’s cloud landscape. This ensures each cloud solution within a customer’s landscape is treated with the same security, and that the security we deploy is woven throughout each SAP solution. In addition, we have built dedicated, secure cloud landscapes that integrate a customer’s solution under the same environment, and this allows us to quickly mitigate any potential vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches that could be detrimental to an organization’s livelihood.

From cloud security to solution functionality, we ensure our customers are operating with full SAP commercial innovation on one, transparent, compliant platform.


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