Get Secure While Working from Home

Bob Palmer |  April 2020

I’m working from home today. Chances are that you and your team are also working from home. We’re all doing our best to establish a space in our home to keep working while we also keep safe and avoid the COVID-19 virus.

Personally, this emphasis on safety has only reinforced that we live in a dangerous world and face threats from many directions. Some threats are from a microscopic enemy, such as a virus, transmitted by many who are unaware they have it and unknowingly cause harm until it is too late. Other adversaries are consciously malicious and determined to spread technological malware with the intention of harming our programs.

Phishing for vulnerabilities

Cybercriminals are already taking advantage of the global situation. They are targeting our computers and servers through phishing. While this is not a new tactic, your employees are under new stressors. They may not catch all the signs as easily as they did before. Corporate security teams are protecting even more devices (work and home computers) at all hours of the day with fewer people than ever before. Add in working from home, without access to office resources, and their job can be even more difficult.

Someone working at home may be in a different mental posture than when working in the office and more liable to click on a malicious link. Parents and caregivers may struggle to find the balance of a workload they once shared with teachers and healthcare providers, while also managing their employer’s workloads. It is safe to say that we are all feeling more vulnerable right now. Criminals are clever and they can sense how a disrupted routine can make us at risk of making an error.

Take a look at this example of a phishing email that I saw on the Electronic Frontier Foundation site.

If only one of your employees clicked on that link, your enterprise data could be subject to a ransomware attack or other malware. This could result in stolen data, lost productivity, and enormous remediation costs.

How can we help?

SAP NS2 wants to and can help your organization with this phishing problem. In our NS2 Secure Cloud, we offer the industry leading cybersecurity solutions form GoSecure. With a click of a button in Outlook, GoSecure Inbox Detection and Response lets employees submit suspicious emails. It instantly routes those emails through machine learning filters—as well as expert human analysis—to check the email’s true intent. In minutes the email is either verified or vanquished, all without burdening the IT department. With inbox detection and response, your employees can forward any e-mail they are unsure of and become part of the solution.

We can’t arm your team with facemasks to help defend them against the COVID-19 virus. We can arm them with the cyber equivalent – protecting from phishing viruses and malware that threaten their cyber security and your agency.


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