Cloud Security: Eliminate Multiple Points of Risk or Failure

Bobby Hodges |  December 2019

Every day, new cyber terrorists attempt to wreak havoc on people’s lives. The number of cyber attacks have increased in the past decade. A major data breach can take significant time to detect and resolve.

Additionally, there are substantial financial implications from the breach and data loss.

It’s understandable that organizations are nervous about moving to the cloud with threats like these looming. Businesses must prepare for the worst so they can focus on their critical missions.

How can organizations maintain data security and compliance while transitioning to the cloud?

Are you gambling with your IT landscape?

More and more, businesses are using IoT technologies to deliver key business data to help drive efficiencies.

Some organizations purchase cloud infrastructure and install their SAP application onto the IT landscape. Many of their customizations, required security tasks, and pathways for future innovation are difficult to manage and support.

The tasks range from provisioning certified operating systems and configuring firewalls to monitoring application performance.

Organizations need full confidence that applications are protected against cyber threats and manual mistakes degrading system performance. IT landscapes need customized workloads to suit the needs of the organization, regardless of size and complexity. For these complex builds, organizations should seek experts to design their landscape.

Keeping up with technology shouldn’t burden your business

When organizations plan their move to the cloud, there are often unforeseen costs when forecasting the cloud run rate. Cloud infrastructure spans across virtual machines, disk, bandwidth and other variables. Omitting services may mean complex challenges that will span the life of their cloud journey. Also, the risks of manual deployment can threaten the security of an enterprise and put the organization’s reputation at risk.

NS2 enables customers to focus on their core mission while knowing their data is safe and secure in the cloud.

NS2 Cloud offerings provide experienced professionals with expertise in every facet of the cloud journey. Our resources are U.S. persons on U.S. soil, designated to support the customer and provide an extra layer of protection for their cloud application.

We use automation to help customers adopt future innovations, which expedites their cloud journey. Our solutions deliver unprecedented business value while mitigating risks from new unforeseen threats.


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