Babel Street Offering Clarity Amidst COVID-19 Chaos

Andrew Drake |  May 2020

At SAP NS2, we focus on delivering intelligence and insight to our customers every day. We’ve learned first-hand that nothing is more important than actionable information you can trust in a crisis.

Accessing trusted information has never been more challenging. Partisan politics influence many U.S. media outlets. We’re inundated with a barrage of conflicting medical information daily. Social media feeds broadcast conspiracy theories framed as truth.

There is a lot of noise out there right now, and many organizations lack the resources to filter through it. The results can be disastrous to both the public health and our global economy.

Introducing: COVID-19 Babel Channels

One of NS2’s key partners, Babel Street, saw the need to inform the public about the pandemic. Within a month, their technical team rolled out curated COVID-19 channels. This includes publicly-available information from expert-curated, hyper-local sources throughout the world. The channels search a variety of data platforms, without limit of origin or language, and deliver information in real-time.

Babel Street is offering free access to five COVID-related “Babel Channels through June 30, 2020, for all public and private organizations.

“We are committed to doing our part in this battle by giving organizations our Babel Channels tool to easily understand ground truth and gain additional knowledge on the local impacts of the pandemic, from the safety of their homes.” – Babel Street founder, Jeff Chapman

NS2 is one of the largest investors in Babel Street. They share our dedication to trusted intelligence, and their technology is cutting-edge. Babel Street’s proprietary Find X search engine sorts through a variety of data types, languages, and locations. It conducts dynamic searches across the Internet, deep and dark web, and across social media, gathering information in 200 different languages and delivering the results in any language the user requests. Information is geolocated, making it easy to filter and review information for a specific location. So instead of turning to a local channel to see what people are saying, you’ll see what the entire world is saying about a locationtranslated from over 200 languages.


Power to the People

Babel Channels even makes research possible for non-technical users. It allows them to select pre-curated information that ranges from “Global” to “Breaking News” to “Raleigh, North Carolina.” By selecting channels of interest to them, users can search for particular terms. Results are delivered based on the locations or topics outlined in their channels.

It’s an “easy” button that executes very complex queries. Babel Channels pulls from the publicly-available data of more than 350 countries, states, territories, and cities globally, including their local news, police and emergency services, health care officials, transportation infrastructure, public utilities, government agencies, and elected officials. The queries are continuous, providing information on the selected topics and locations as it occurs.

For those who are more visual, there is a worldwide map that shows real-time incidents through multiple map layers. Users can search and see incidents in any location of interest. Babel Street is accessible via desktop or mobile application, delivering information from a wide variety of sources every bit as diverse as our population.

The Bottom Line

Access to the free Babel Street COVID-19 channels is available to everyone. Current customers can add seats to their subscription at no cost to keep their entire team up to speed on the global and local impact of COVID-19.

With Babel Channels, organizations have the trusted intelligence they need to respond to:

  • impacts related to the spread of the virus
  • misinformation campaigns
  • disruption in their supply chain
  • fraudulent claims
  • …and more

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