Life at NS2 – Meet Kelly Mitchell

Angela Hughes |  August 2020

At SAP NS2, our people are who we are. They influence and shape the way we work, the problems we solve, as well as the products and solutions we create. Everything we do comes back to the people who work for our company. Even as we traverse these unusual WFH-times, our employees continue to show up as their best selves.

That’s why we’re excited to start featuring their stories in a new blog series and learn how they ended up calling NS2 home.

Meet Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell joined NS2 six years ago, after graduating from Washington College in 2014. She started her tenure at NS2 as an HR intern, but quickly found herself being invited by CEO Mark Testoni to be his Executive Assistant. “About nine months into my internship, I was approached by Mark and asked if I was interested in being his Executive Assistant,” Kelly said.

Kelly’s main concern was being able to continue to help with different aspects of NS2, including the NS2 Serves program. “I told him I would love to, but that I wanted to stay involved with NS2 Serves. To this day, I’m involved with the vetting and sorting of applications, setting up interviews, and helping with the onboarding process.” Kelly points out that this sort of inclusion doesn’t just happen at an outreach level either – it’s everywhere you turn at NS2.

At any company, the people can truly make or break the environment. We know that at NS2, they definitely make it! “The people here are awesome,” Kelly says. “I love going to work! You feel comfortable talking with the people you work with here because they want to get to know you—what you do here and outside of work.”

So Much More than Just a Company

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Kelly says she’s proud of the steps NS2 has taken to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. “To me, inclusion means an acceptance of all. There are so many different types of folks out there. And by being open and wanting to learn about people that aren’t like you is a powerful thing. The culture of NS2 reflects this. Everyone has experienced life differently and when you have a diverse group of folks in the same room you get truly unique thinking.”

Kelly points to the town halls and employee-led inclusion clubs when asked what initiatives are in place at NS2 that make her feel supported.

“The leadership team is rolling out a series of virtual town halls and forums where employees can share their stories and experiences on what it’s like to be underrepresented in the workplace. For me, it’s sharing what it was like to come out and what acceptance looked like. We’re also starting to create inclusion clubs that will help create more awareness and visibility. It’s better to talk about differences, than ignore them. I’ve always felt comfortable going to work every day and talking about myself. That type of thing is really important here.”

We Pride Ourselves in Inclusion

The leadership team continues to play an integral role in making all employees feel welcome at NS2, particularly in the midst of the current cultural shifts in our society.

“A thing about our leadership team that’s really great is that they have an open-door policy. I always encourage our interns to meet one-on-one with an executive, get to know them, and show them that you’re interested in our company. Also, meet with people from different departments. I did that and it helped me so much in the long run.” – Kelly Mitchell

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