How NS2’s Cloud in Country offering solves data sovereignty needs

David Rosenberg |  May 2021

In today’s ever-changing world, our customers are facing new challenges which call for bold new solutions. For example:

  • They’re seeing a rise in cyber threats—due in part to the pandemic changing the way we work.
  • Cloud requirements for data sovereignty, privacy, and protection are becoming more stringent.
  • There is growing demand for credentialed talent, based in specific geographies.

Customers in public services and other regulated industries would like to move to the Cloud. But in many cases, data requirements around data residency and protection prevent the use of a commercial cloud offering. The key requirement is data sovereignty, which requires that all data must reside strictly in the county or jurisdiction where it is collected. In addition, government customers require secure cloud operations to be managed by credentialed personnel.

NS2 is offering “Cloud in Country” which is supported by NS2 to help address our customers’ evolving security needs. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software. NS2 is delivering that same commercial innovation to customers in government and regulated industries since 2004.

What is NS2 Cloud in Country?

NS2 Cloud in Country (CiC) is a cloud offering designed to deliver the SAP Intelligent Enterprise cloud solutions within a single country and adhere to the local requirements for enhanced data security and protections. The first release of CiC includes the following SAP cloud solutions:

SAP NS2 will initially support customers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and look to expand into other countries in the future.

Benefits/Advantages of NS2 Cloud in Country

NS2 Cloud in Country ensures that all data – both business and personal – will remain in the country/region where it was collected. CiC is a series of cloud solutions that allow regulated customers within the region to quickly adopt SAP cloud solutions while ensuring their data sovereignty requirements are met. NS2 Cloud in Country is designed for customers who need to meet rigorous regulatory requirements around data location and operations. This approach is unique in the market and will be a competitive differentiator for SAP and SAP NS2.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our NS2 Cloud in Country offerings, please reach out to David Rosenberg.


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