Creating the Perfect Cloud Solution

Angela Hughes |  August 2019

Having to do more with less is a common theme these days. We can’t sacrifice the mission even though we have fewer people and resources. For government and regulated industries organizations, staying ahead of the curve can be daunting.

There are new assignments, new technologies, and new regulations – how do you make sense of it all? The answer is by utilizing the cloud. Whatever your goals, the cloud can simplify, enhance, and optimize your task. As more organizations turn to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), it’s critical to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud solution.

Making the Most of Your Data

Is your cloud as smart as it claims to be? It is more apparent than ever that organizations need cloud providers leveraging the latest technologies, including ML and AI. A cloud solution should have the computing power to keep up with you and your mission.

Today, you can do more with less, but one of the biggest challenges you face is how to deal with all of the data. Storing, analyzing, and interpreting data is vital when working towards objectives; the key is finding a way to “make sense” of it all.

You need a cloud solution that automatically and intuitively analyzes unstructured data. If it can do it in-memory, even better. In order for you to gain situational awareness around particular entities, imagine your cloud solution now able to identify, analyze, and understand the specific entity using real-time results. Think: text, graph/link, spatial, and predictive analyses. Picture your data analysis then allowing you to identify relationships using a natural language processor. Now with just a click of a button, you’re creating a visual “pattern of life” and predicting moves with confidence.

The real-life applications for computing like this are endless. An ML-enabled cloud can also help organizations interpret data to make smarter forecasts and proactively realign and manage resources, including workforce, materials, funds, and more.

Optimizing Your Cloud Solution

Once you’ve found a provider with the computing power you’re looking for, there are a few more things you can do to ensure you’re getting the most from your cloud solution. Creating your “perfect” cloud solution can be overwhelming, but three things stand out: customization, support, and security.

  • Customization: One cloud solution doesn’t fit all. The ideal solution should be scalable and should shift to meet your evolving needs. It should also support system workloads and run on the hyperscaler of your choice. You should also be able to easily integrate current SAP and non-SAP applications.
  • Support: You want 24/7 support available to mitigate and address vulnerabilities immediately. Subject matter experts and a wealth of resources are also crucial. Support should be available throughout the life of the contract, not just during a transition. A provider committed to customer service and quick solutions can help you avoid costly outages with service levels that meet your business needs.
  • Security: Data backup and security should be a priority. Solutions must meet all industry requirements for U.S. federal, state, and local governments and their partners. It must be compliant with FedRAMP®, ITAR, EAR, DoD SRGs, etc. The latest safeguards and cybersecurity requirements should also come standard. Finally, consider how the solution affects your Disaster Recovery Strategy.


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