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SAP® Fieldglass through SAP NS2: Powering Your Secure External Workforce

Chances are your organization relies on an external workforce in some capacity to get work done. Freelancers, contractors, and all types of external talent must be managed with speed and efficiency to build a new and better way of working. However, adopting an external workforce cloud-based solution can prove difficult for highly regulated organizations, who face heightened regulations and compliance standards in the cloud.

At SAP NS2, we recognize that leaders in the regulated space (regulated industries, government, and defense departments) have unique security and compliance needs. We also recognize your need to adopt market-leading innovation quickly and without friction.

The SAP Fieldglass solution through SAP NS2 combines external workforce management with extensive practices dedicated to data access, residency, and sovereignty. We:

  • Secure your planning efforts to significantly reduce unnecessary global transmission of external workforce data.
  • Protect your mission-critical data, such as employee PII and organization data, through in-country deployment to mitigate exposure and risk.
  • Ensure your regional security standards are enforced across your workforce network.
  • Download our solution brief to learn how SAP NS2 can transform how you select, engage, and manage external workers through SAP NS2.

About SAP® Fieldglass through SAP NS2
SAP Fieldglass allows you to have total workforce visibility, maximize cost savings, improve worker quality and efficiencies, and enforce compliance – without compromising on security. SAP NS2 offers a portfolio of enterprise solutions to manage external talent and services throughout the entire talent lifecycle – from sourcing and management, to invoicing, payment, and offboarding.
SAP NS2’s local support model keeps your cloud operations and data in country to maximize data sovereignty and comply with local data access and data residency requirements.


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