Ep. 7: Zero Trust and Digital Services in Government / Industry

Dec 2021

If I told you I had zero trust in your network, would that make you feel safer? Well, it probably should.

In this episode we take a deep dive with two experts in the field of IT and innovation – Tim Hoechst and Nick Sinai. We cover a lot of ground – from policy to perspectives on what it means to tackle cyber security, through Zero Trust.

We also welcome a new character to the show – Dr. Decoder.  If you’ve ever been in a meeting where the acronyms fly around a bit too much, you need a guy who can break down all the terms, Barney-style. Our Dr. Decoder is that guy. Listen in for his “interruptions” and some good scoop on how NOT trusting can be a good thing.

Nick Sinai – Senior Advisor/Venture Partner, Insight Partners
Tim Hoechst – Chairman, SAP NS2 Advisory Board
Greg Reeder (host) – VP of Marketing, SAP NS2
Brian Paget (host) – Chief Strategy Officer, SAP NS2

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