Unleash Innovation with the Intelligent Enterprise

Greg Reeder |  October 2019

Today’s data landscape includes a wide variety of sensors and data collection devices. Agencies have data just about everywhere – sitting in cloud, on premise, in lakes, and in databases. It’s chaos, and the problem is getting worse, not better. What if you could integrate, correlate, and analyze unstructured data, from multiple sources and in various formats, all in one place? With an Intelligent Enterprise, powered by a unifying data layer (or fabric) combined with an AI-powered solution, you can do just that.

Data is converged from multiple systems to provide a wider, cross-domain view that supports mission execution with:

  • Intelligence processing and exploitation
  • Command and control
  • Planning and logistics
  • Data science and operations 

The top 5 benefits include:

  1. Additional real-time insights using the entire data landscape, providing a more complete common operating picture and informed decision making
  2. Improved intelligence production and fusion of operations intelligence to disrupt and outmaneuver the enemy
  3. Application of machine learning and AI to help recognize unseen patterns within the entire data landscape, to simulate potential outcomes, and to power algorithmic warfare
  4. Automated data discovery and data integration to spend more time on cognition and less time on data wrangling
  5. Secure and manageable converged information to help direct resources and plan for operations today and tomorrow

Technology and government policy trends in 2019 show that the key components of the Intelligent Enterprise are priorities for the investment of time and resources.

The American AI Initiative and National AI R&D Strategic Plan update for 2019 set artificial intelligence research and implementation as key federal priorities. Technology like containerization and hybrid cloud computing makes public sector data collection, storage and analysis even more cost effective and secure.

It’s time to take the next step – discover how your organization can become a secure intelligent enterprise! Get in touch with our team for more information.


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