• Tracking the Digital Trail

    Everyone has a pattern of life. It’s the digital footprint we leave that matters. Cell phone records, bank transactions, email, and social media all form a history of a person’s activities and connections. In critical situations where lives, resources, and infrastructure are at risk, national security personnel need to analyze this data quickly and accurately to derive actionable information. Sometimes it can be petabytes of data. Analysts need solutions to make data actionable before it’s too late.

Real-Time Pattern-of-Life Analysis

SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®) provides the industry’s most robust computing technology so analysts can assimilate and evaluate data more rapidly than ever before. We leverage a real-time computing platform proven across financial, communications, and logistics sectors to solve complex pattern-of-life challenges and fuse different sources of data.

Integrated Analytics

Our integrated analytical platform allows you to correlate and evaluate pattern-of-life data points, in-memory, as events unfold in real time.

Risk Modeling

Analysts can develop predictive scenarios to augment intuition, accelerating the ability to identify and interdict a threat before it happens.

Uncover Relationships

SAP NS2’s solutions help uncover relationships and patterns between suspects and detect pattern-of-life anomalies to correlate seemingly unrelated data.

Indicators and Warnings

Make sense of indicators and warnings (I&W) hiding in disparate data sources and systems by correlating data from disparate sources.

Real-World Examples



The current state of data management is complex and convoluted. National security professionals are faced with massive amounts of new data from SIGINT, sensors, social media, ISR, publicly available data, geospatial, and beyond. New information pours in every instant, in many formats. Plus, legacy systems and applications still hold valuable data. Leaders need a unified understanding of all information assets. Further, leaders need to be able to fully materialize the value of infrastructure investments.

SAP NS2 provides solutions for agile visualization, reporting, and predictive analytics that enable leaders to perform rapid and comprehensive analysis on any data in the enterprise. Agile, self-service visualization powered by SAP Lumira® connects any data set, allows users to uncover hidden insights, and creates individualized reporting on demand. SAP predictive analytics enables automated data preparation, algorithm selection, and iterative model testing so users can perform a broad array of statistical and contextual analysis. Leaders are able to evolve from asking “What happened?” to “Why did it happen?” to “What will happen?”

Visualization and predictive analytics solutions are transforming the way national security organizations leverage data to drive decisions. Smart people in these organizations are able to do what they do better, faster, and more effectively. SAP NS2 delivers these solutions exclusively to support the mission of national security. Our clients benefit from SAP’s revolutionary business intelligence capabilities backed by expert support from our trusted, 100% U.S. team.

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