• Protecting Critical Infrastructure

    The security of our nation and its citizens reaches beyond military operations and intelligence programs alone. Our nation’s critical infrastructure – public utilities, transportation, banking systems and communications networks – is essential to ensuring business continuity and personal safety. At SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®), we’re driven to defend our nation by providing secure support and cloud solutions to clients that require the highest levels of U.S.-based SAP® product support. From healthcare to high tech, from industrials to state and local government, we help organizations enhance their security posture by delivering trusted support from U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

Enhance Security, Reduce Risk

Our hyperconnected world presents a multitude of new challenges. Each new point of connectivity is a point of vulnerability. For our nation’s critical infrastructure, there is simply too much at stake to leave anything to chance. Fortunately, SAP NS2 reduces risk by providing secure support while ensuring ITAR and regulatory compliance.

Secure Support

Critical infrastructure customers receive all the benefits of SAP’s industry-leading support programs, including the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, SAP Solution Manager, SAP OneSupport Launch Pad, plus SAP NS2-exclusive security enhancements.

Cloud Solutions

Our comprehensive, enterprise-scale cloud solutions offer a unique combination of software, services, and infrastructure to give your organization the optimal performance and agility for mission critical applications.

Real-World Examples


Financial Services

A large global financial services institution that relied on a variety of on-premise SAP solutions wished to strengthen its security posture and remote access procedures for obtaining support. Customer and business data was at too great a risk.

SAP NS2 provided secure enterprise support to augment the firm’s existing SAP® technologies with trusted support from 100% U.S. citizens operating on U.S. infrastructure. The customized secure support solution included secure remote connectivity with access granted to only designated personnel within the SAP NS2 organization. A designated SAP NS2 Support Advisor helped the firm’s diverse product owners and technical personnel navigate the support process and utilize the available secure support solutions optimally.

As a result, the organization enhanced its security posture for both regulatory reporting and customer-facing applications without compromising response time or response quality.

An organization that operates multiple regulated utilities serving millions of customers faced new regulatory requirements from the U.S. Department of Energy. The new requirements put increasing focus on ensuring information security.

The solution: SAP NS2 provided Secure PSLE. A designated SAP NS2 Support Advisor outlined and implemented a customized support message and data handling methodology for support purposes. We worked as a partner with the utility provider to ensure delivery of a robust solution to meet the specifics of the regulatory requirements.

As a result, the utility provider ultimately strengthened both its cybersecurity and compliance postures through the same program simultaneously.


Regulated Utilities

Enhance Your Security Posture

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