• Fusing Ops Intelligence

    Operators on the edge are effective only when training and tactics are enhanced by reliable and timely intelligence. Hostile environments are unpredictable, and conditions change every second. Assets in the field report changes in priority, and teams need to adapt to stay alive. At SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®), we provide solutions that fuse data collection, analysis, and insight to give operators an advantage in the field.

Connecting Insight to Action at Mission Speed

SAP NS2 brings operators and integrated intelligence networks together for a united offense, because failure is not an option. We understand your mission-critical objectives require the most reliable technology. Learn more about how our solutions can drive your mission forward.

Intelligence Cloud Platform

Converting data into action, our intelligence cloud platform provides real-time insight and data preparation for when you need it most.

In-Memory Analysis

We provide detailed analysis on web portals, online databases, messaging systems, and more through data-mining and new source detection. We manage and maintain national security agency message reporting for your organization.

Enterprise Collaboration

Our faster data processing enables integrated teams to deliver situational awareness that supports development in-theater as the mission unfolds.

Open Source Models

Our platforms integrate with existing tools to provide an enhanced mission support infrastructure, rather than forklifting current technology.

Real-World Examples



Recently SAP NS2 demonstrated our capability to exploit multiple types of intelligence, using a portable and ruggedized data management and analysis system powered by SAP HANA®. This system was able to analyze a large body of documents emulating AARs, SITREPS, and INTSUM reports. It automatically extracted all persons, places, actions, and events mentioned in the documents, and made that information visually available to operators.

SAP HANA is an industry-leading software package which is currently deployed at over 10,000 leading commercial companies as well as in several logistics and planning uses across national security organizations. This software can perform geospatial analysis, unstructured text analysis, machine-learning, and network graph analysis all at blazing speed due to innovative in-memory processing. During the exercise we deployed this system in a ruggedized case weighing less than 180 lbs deployable down to the AOB/FOB level. This analytical capability enhances the mission in multiple ways, including: Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED), Situational Awareness (SA), Search, Seizure and Exploitation (SEE), and Relief in Place/Transfer of Authority RIP/TOA.

The analytical system is completely based on non-proprietary open standards, so it easily integrates with other systems. We connected to and ingested data from sensors provided by other participants, demonstrating the openness, flexibility, and speed of the SAP HANA® platform.

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