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    Threats to American lives, assets, and information are become increasingly complex. Terrorists’ tools, techniques, and processes are evolving daily. National security professionals face the difficult task of piecing terrorists’ pattern-of-life events leading up to an attack. To stay one step ahead of the adversary, analysts and field agents need to make sense of massive amounts of data fast. We provide the tools to simplify the complexity and accelerate action.

Mission Speed. Precision Results.

We provide the fastest, most reliable computing platform in the industry to help you fuse and analyze data to meet your specific mission demands. SAP HANA® allows you to collect, synthesize, and perform analytical functions on a single copy of data, all in-memory, so the computing speed is nearly instantaneous. Predictive analytics that once took hours or days now occurs in near real time. This allows you to identify threats faster, predict behavior, and take decisive action. Features include:

In-Memory Application Server

Utilizing custom code and algorithms, our high-performance workflow logic is built within the platform.

Predictive Analysis

SAP HANA enables clustering, root-cause analysis, and modeling, which allows your team to better understand data sets and prevent threats.

Geospatial Processing

Our platform associates location-based data, designed to capture, store, analyze, and visualize data sets.

Text Analysis

The platform’s text analysis feature allows for natural language processing (NLP) on unstructured data, including sentiment analysis and sophisticated entity and fact extraction.

Event Stream Processing

This processing feature ingests complex, real-time, streaming data and assists event-driven systems.

Real-World Examples



National security organizations today are collecting data at a staggering pace. The mix of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data spans every possible language and must be rapidly and dynamically triaged to enable automatic alerting and awareness of content while also enabling exploration by non-technical analysts.

Multilingual NLP can be used to perform a rapid triage of incoming data to identify changes/trends in the data, topical/regional sentiment changes, etc. During the in-memory triage SAP HANA can run the data through a dynamic set of available computing engines based on data type to perform actions such as entity extraction, curation, and data enrichment downstream analytics and generate messages/alerts about the incoming data.

Given the variety of data that agencies are dealing with there are a broad spectrum of NLP capabilities that must be applied depending on the data type. By performing this analysis in a scalable and commercially proven technology platform such as SAP HANA, data can be rapidly triaged and run through a dynamic set of compute engines without ever leaving the SAP HANA ecosystem. This will allow enriched and conditioned data to reach downstream analytic platforms faster than currently possible – dramatically reducing overall decision cycle time.

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