Cyber policy at the dawn of a new administration

Carmen Krueger, Senior Vice President of Cloud Operations at SAP NS2, argues why implementing an actionable cyber strategy is critical for defending national infrastructure under a new administration…

No one will debate the need for security in our nation’s critical infrastructure, including our digital and telecommunications networks. Taking that as a truism, the most urgent need before us is how we can best protect these precious assets.

Innovation and agility

First and foremost, we must enable innovation and agility. Many leaders have called for public-private partnerships that turn yesterday’s answers into today’s innovation. Innovation and agility enable us to stay ahead of malicious actors. The cyberwar is not about brute strength – it is about ingenuity. At the recent Reagan National Defense Forum, the under-secretary of defense for intelligence, Marcel Lettre said, “The need for innovation is particularly acute in the cyber domain. The pursuit of artificial intelligence, of autonomy, of deep machine learning and human/machine teaming, automatic automation, speed and agility and scaling of technology constructs are all the features of innovation in cyber that we are beginning to drive.”

Cyberattacks: An act of war?

Policy changes are critical to improving the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure and networks. Our policy needs to be clear, cyber-attacks from nation states are exactly that, an attack. Once we acknowledge this and policymakers set a clear framework for what constitutes a cyber act of war, it will forever change the dynamic and role of the private sector, including its relationship with the public sector.